open me and tell me what’s inside of here. i want your outsider’s perspective. sometimes i crave omniscience. Advertisements


TONIGHT Feminine Expression Movement Workshop with guest host, James Mahkween Stretch Meditation, Yoga, Strength Improvement & Community Connecting June 27, 2018, 6-9:00pm $10 entry Check out the organizers on Instagram! @the_mahkween_method @abstrktfemme @rawrighteous

King of Cups: The Hot Water Does Self Work

A poem about passion being confused as anger… Living close to the soul of the Earth Is the reason why I stay ready to pop off. It feels wrong, holding on to guilt, When i’m being so natural. But when I get upset, I remember that I knew the risk. You will live with me…

King of Pentacles (Reversed): No Longer Needing Worldly Validation

Tonight I looked in the mirror of a bathroom at a cafe and pledged my love and trust to myself. I said, “If you trust me, I promise you protection, to always be loved, and to consistently move you forward. Do you trust me?” The motion-detecting lights cut out as I said, “I do.” Tonight…