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14 May, 2019

What I Can Learn From My Exes Now That I Don’t Hate Them

Lately i've been reminiscent of past romantic relationships. As I continue to live, love and

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8 May, 2019

Leaving A Relationship Can Be Hard… Here’s What I Keep With Me

No matter in what way, shape or form I will love you. That is my

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7 May, 2019

A Letter to My Lovers, to My Self, to My Friends, to Strangers

I am  not just one kind of person. I am so many people in one

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14 Apr, 2019

Why Is Pleasure Taboo??

It's been a long journey of acceptance with my relationship between myself and my pleasures.

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12 Apr, 2019

How To Still Act With LOVE Without Being A Doormat

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this post on Tuesday. However,

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18 Sep, 2018

Nude Crayons

my nails are colored. my lips are colored. my hair is colored. my skin.

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17 Sep, 2018

Hold Me In

hold me in until i clear your blood like ginger.

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7 Jul, 2018

Physical Tools I Use For Healing Sessions/Self-Healing

There are so many physical and non-physical tools that can be used during self-healing or

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27 Jun, 2018

A Weekly Reiki Magick Ritual

"I can do anythingggggggg, yea" I try to do this ritual every week on Sunday

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4 May, 2018

21 Days of Gratitude: Days 18 & 19 (Strength)

i'm enjoying posting these together day 18 god thank you for art god thank you

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20 Mar, 2018

Strength: Femme & Fire

nothing in my reflection can shock me now. i've seen a lot happen in her

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3 Mar, 2018

An Excavated Cave

An excavated cave of Once and still precious Treasures. A  tradition Turned mystery, A solution

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