Energy is Persuasive

The strongest energy is what will absorb you. External energy can interact with yours, and if a positive energy matches with a positive, you get joy, love, creativity.. if a positive matches with a negative, you get sadness, anger.. if opposite energy matches with each other, you have choice.

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For Those Of Us With A Past

I always have a choice in my life. A choice in what I feed the world and what it feeds me. A choice in outlook, in perspective. A choice in who I am and who I become. My past will not control me, yet it inspires me. And tomorrow’s sun is what I’m moving towards.

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Why Is Pleasure Taboo??

It’s been a long journey of acceptance with my relationship between myself and my pleasures. It feels like since I was young i’ve been discouraged from pursuing what actually brings me pleasure. What’s that line? Why everything supposed to be bad make me feel so good? In fact, I feel that what i’m not interested […]

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