What the New Moon in Taurus Means For Us

Taurus is commonly misconstrued as a hard-headed masculine force. Taurus is a feminine sign of responsibility, of focus and intention, and of stability of the home, wherever the home may be. On the new moon, Taurus brings us a new focus on planning and of long-term creation and cultivation. This is a balance to the…

Fearless vs. Courageous

The aim isn’t to be fearless, but to be prepared to move through my fears consciously and confidently.

Vision Boards: May 2019, “Aligned and Adventurous”

Creating a vision board each month helps me start it off with strong goals, keeping in mind what vibe I want to carry with me in the month, and it helps me manifest what I want by creating a more tangible vision. Here is my May 2019 vision board. What’s on yours? From my Pinterest

Today’s Tarot: Ancestors from the New Orleans Voodoo Deck

The ancestors are with us, in us, around us always. The presence of those who came before us is in all that we touch, all that we breathe. When we show respect to ourselves, to the greatness of life, we also show respect to our ancestors, and vice versa. All is connected, and when we…

Why I Released My Need To Control

Yin and yang. We all play both roles at some point. It’s a pattern that you can see with every living thing. Sometimes we’re the giver, sometimes the receiver. It doesn’t make us subordinate to receive, just as it doesn’t make us the master when we can give. It’s a balance.

I’m Sexually Liberated, So Should I Be A Webcam Model?

My sexual side is something I had long denied and it hurt me to do so. I’ve had sexual feelings toward myself and others for a long time. I mean… it’s natural, but for awhile it seemed taboo. Dirty. The stigmas on sexuality were taught to me and affected the way that I maneuvered. My…

What I’m Learning From Being Non-Monogamous Pt.1: Intro

“We are creating the blueprint.” This is what one of my partners said to me yesterday after I finally found the words to let him in on the way I had been feeling all day. The awareness that I was currently involved, and diving deeper into, a form of relationship I had never experienced before…

Energy is Persuasive

The strongest energy is what will absorb you. External energy can interact with yours, and if a positive energy matches with a positive, you get joy, love, creativity.. if a positive matches with a negative, you get sadness, anger.. if opposite energy matches with each other, you have choice.