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Category: words

25 Apr, 2019

Energy is Persuasive

The strongest energy is what will absorb you. External energy can interact with yours, and

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18 Apr, 2019

For Those Of Us With A Past

I always have a choice in my life. A choice in what I feed the

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16 Apr, 2019

I Keep This In Mind

Live life. Time will unveil all.

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14 Apr, 2019

Why Is Pleasure Taboo??

It's been a long journey of acceptance with my relationship between myself and my pleasures.

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13 Apr, 2019

A Morning Mantra. Starting My Day With Gratitude!

We’ve been through so much to be able to remember it all. Our history has

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12 Apr, 2019

How To Still Act With LOVE Without Being A Doormat

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen this post on Tuesday. However,

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11 Apr, 2019

OWN Your Uniqueness! With Love, Abstrkt

Everyone has their own truth. Their own wants. Likes and dislikes. There is no one

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9 Apr, 2019

Today’s Tarot: Oyá from the New Orleans Voodoo Deck

Oyá Oyá is known as the mother of nine, the mother of storms, the watcher

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8 Apr, 2019

How to Receive A Miracle

The absence of want brings miracles. I empty my cup to let god fill it

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8 Apr, 2019

What the New Moon in Aries Means for Us

A new moon in Aries brings new opportunities for self-understanding. There will be an increase

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6 Apr, 2019

Welcome Fear

fear is not something to be avoided. welcome fear as a message. welcome fear as

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5 Apr, 2019

We Are Reflectors

we are reflectors. we are conduits of light. we reflect the light of the universe,

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