Who I Am Is Not For Your Evaluation. LIVE OUT LOUD!

There will always be an antagonist in the story. Whether this is a thing, a person, a place or an idea, you will see it. Glaring at you as you breathe and exist, testing your waters and deciding against them. This does not invalidate the beauty of your human and your spirit. I mean, we’re…

From Now On I’m Listening to My Intuition

My intuition is always speaking to me. It’s my freedom of choice to decide whether I listen and apply, listen alone, or ignore myself. Sometimes I want to fight it with what I think is logical. Sometimes I want to fight it with what I think is true. Sometimes I follow it. I regret nothing…

For My Sisters: We NEVER Stand Alone

Women. Not just a woman. We never stand alone, even in this body we are a sisterhood. And nothing can break or deny my connection to my community of women.

1 Way To Treat Myself Right

Consume with care and consideration. The effects of self-neglect are longer term than they seem and take so much to reverse. Loving myself is more than affirmations, it’s actions, and one of the things I do every day at almost every moment is consume. It’s taking practice to be aware of what I’m consuming, but…

Fearless vs. Courageous

The aim isn’t to be fearless, but to be prepared to move through my fears consciously and confidently.

Why I Released My Need To Control

Yin and yang. We all play both roles at some point. It’s a pattern that you can see with every living thing. Sometimes we’re the giver, sometimes the receiver. It doesn’t make us subordinate to receive, just as it doesn’t make us the master when we can give. It’s a balance.

Energy is Persuasive

The strongest energy is what will absorb you. External energy can interact with yours, and if a positive energy matches with a positive, you get joy, love, creativity.. if a positive matches with a negative, you get sadness, anger.. if opposite energy matches with each other, you have choice.