Today’s Tarot: Oyá from the New Orleans Voodoo Deck

Oyá Oyá is known as the mother of nine, the mother of storms, the watcher of the underworld, birth, sex and death. she is the one who brought Shango back to life. she is the warrior queen. she is change and transformation. when receiving the card of Oyá, expect a sharp change in your life…

What the New Moon in Aries Means for Us

A new moon in Aries brings new opportunities for self-understanding. There will be an increase in our clarity and our ability to learn from each situation that we find ourselves in; our boundaries, wants and needs will become more clear to us. Aries is passionate and focused, meaning we will feel called to give our…

Welcome Fear

fear is not something to be avoided. welcome fear as a message. welcome fear as an opportunity. welcome fear as clarity. welcome fear as growth.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain. something i learned on the flight: long flights? walk to the bathroom or down the aisle at least twice during the trip. sitting for too long hinders circulation in the lower body. found out through puffy ankles and feet once we got off the plane. my friend and i came with un poco…

We Are Reflectors

we are reflectors. we are conduits of light. we reflect the light of the universe, by way of the stars, to all that encounters us/is in our vicinity. the side of us that is dark reflects no light. instead it looks for light to also carry out the purpose as a reflector. however, if the…

Both Are Great

i am the moon and the stars. both are great. ase. i am the sun and it’s rays. both are great. axe.

God, Queen, Creator.

i am God. i am Woman. i am Creator. the godself in me recognizes my power, my blessings, the ability to destroy/create. i live in this truth daily. truth and justice are my morals. i am unshakeable, immovable, adaptable, protected, loved and accepted unconditionally. i am God. i am Queen. i am Creator.

In Company

an eye in the sky is the eye of the rock and it looks on me to remind my senses that i am never alone and that i am joined by the limitless presence of life as energy/company. abstrkt what is real? look at it and ask. all answers are all around. time. what is…

The Middle

as above, so below, and in the middle is creation. abstrkt

Moon Shadows

moon shadows turned wood stars. our moment of forever started tonight. abstrkt