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Category: poetry

22 Nov, 2018

Whole-istic (Excerpt)

there is no missing piece for me. i have no holes to fill. k.e.j. RAWRighteous.com/inspiration

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20 Nov, 2018

Give Light

what i give attention to i give light to. k.e.j. RAWRighteous.com/inspiration

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18 Nov, 2018


Everything possible must coincide with Universal Law. Even Individualism coincides with Universal Law. Separation is

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8 Nov, 2018


even if my ego dies, i do not die. i will never die. do you

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7 Nov, 2018

I Am: Not My Perfectionism

i am: more complex than my perfectionism allows me to admit. -k.e.j. https://rawrighteous.com/inspiration/2018/11/7/i-am-not-my-perfectionism

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5 Nov, 2018

For My Ancestors

for my ancestors i not only survive, but i thrive. -k.e.j. https://www.rawrighteous.com/inspiration/2018/11/4/for-my-ancestors

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18 Oct, 2018


try and stop me with the universe on my side. -k.e.j.

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12 Oct, 2018


now that i'm serious, let's see what i can do. -k.e.j.

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10 Oct, 2018

The Best For Me

i hope that i know that i only want the best for me. i haven't

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8 Oct, 2018

The High of Reality

sobering is a word that best describes the high of reality. -k.e.j.

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7 Oct, 2018

Laughter is a Tool

laughter is a tool. i'm wary. - k.e.j.

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27 Sep, 2018

Name Your World

all of it is for me: my goals my destinations my fantasies my body my

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