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in this space i express my freedom.

i’m being me out loud:

afro-culture enthusiast. artist. poet and short story writer. afro-futurist. dancer and movement artist. bold. fearless. adventurer. explorer. traveler. photographer. icon. lover. educator/guide.


Holding onto the waist of my existence,

Proud to call her my partner,

My lover and my confidant.

I look at the arrangement of Divine Love above us,

Remembering when we first met

My partner was bruised and confused

She said she didn’t know me; She told me I didn’t remember her.

Well now what do you say to me?

That you trust me and that you’re here for us.

I see you hold my hand in public and wash and oil my hair.

When they try to join us we let them and

if they leave we hold each other.

You are so much more to me than lust.

You are my inspiration; I look at you now and see something unbreakable.

You aren’t a queen but the essence of one.

I will remember you eternally like the sky remembers our rainbow.


With love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson

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