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Are You Afraid of the Future??

Those who are an ally of the truth do not fear the youth.

I hear way more people around me talk about the negatives of today’s world, the children, social media, technology, etc., than about anything positive or neutral having to do with it. And while there are fast-moving changes happening every day, at a pace completely different from even 10 years ago, just because things are changing does not make them inherently bad. Do not be afraid of the future! It’s happening, it’s coming… but we’re not powerless to it either. Today is when we can take what we need from what we predict is coming to make it better when it comes. And one of the best ways to gain that foresight is by watching the kids. I’m 22 years old, technically not a millenial, and I’m watching my generation. Anyone born after 1996 (I’m ’97) is considered Generation Z. By keeping an eye on the interests of the youth we can see what will be popularized and we can prepare for it. This is because

  1. Companies and media adapt to the interests of the next generation.
  2. Kids run social media.
  3. Kids run the internet.
  4. My generation is active and fiery and wants it all like the colonizers.

There’s reactive and there’s proactive. Choose a side.

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