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It’s A Gut Feeling. Hello, Atlanta!


I finally made it to the A! Last week I drove 2,000 miles from California to Georgia, stopping only in Memphis to stay for two nights with family and rest. Before I left Oakland I knew that this was going to be an intense transition for me- this is only my second move and my first move out of California, and it has been, keeping me busy daily with living arrangements, work arrangements, keeping some sort of routine, handling don’t-do-it warnings from my family, and just adjusting to a completely new place. There are similarities between the two states, but just enough to get me around. The rest is for me to learn, along with a couple other life lessons that always come with a big change. The most important: keep your peace even when everything around you is chaotic. And it’s rare when things aren’t, so I’m keeping faith and focus in mind. Pray for my easy transition!!

With love,


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