What the New Moon in Taurus Means For Us

Taurus is commonly misconstrued as a hard-headed masculine force. Taurus is a feminine sign of responsibility, of focus and intention, and of stability of the home, wherever the home may be. On the new moon, Taurus brings us a new focus on planning and of long-term creation and cultivation. This is a balance to the…

Fearless vs. Courageous

The aim isn’t to be fearless, but to be prepared to move through my fears consciously and confidently.

Vision Boards: May 2019, “Aligned and Adventurous”

Creating a vision board each month helps me start it off with strong goals, keeping in mind what vibe I want to carry with me in the month, and it helps me manifest what I want by creating a more tangible vision. Here is my May 2019 vision board. What’s on yours? From my Pinterest