I Danced at USF! Photos from My First Performance in San Francisco


Last weekend I performed Ehye Mu, a story about the thoughts and memories of the enslaved Africans on the ship during the Atlantic Slave Trade.

“It’s been a thoughtful collaborative process creating Ehyen Mu (In the Ship) with this dope team. Congolese, Zimbabwean, Djembe, Afro-Haitian, poetry… we brought what we knew and opened up to each other’s styles to create a story of hope, power and remembrance, depicting our ancestors mental journey as they were taken from their homes to the unknown. We breathed, executed, and performed as the pros that we are. Now we can finally get some rest guuuuuuuuuhhh 😰😭😴”


We nailed it, it was fire. Check out these dope photos!


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