Why Don’t I Think of You At Night?

She had three partners and didn’t think about sex with any of them before she went to sleep. But she always fantasized about what’s-his-face with the cheekbones that she was following on Instagram. He was just so fine!

“Like, God,” she thought, “thank you for giving us this man right here. I need these notifications of his sexy ass in my life daily!”

She wondered why, though, her actual boyfriends or her girl were never part of her late night sexual fantasies. She thought about sex with Brionne now… and all she felt was, “awwww”. Imagining their intimacy wasn’t a turn-off or uninteresting, it’s that she had a hard time sexualizing the people in her real life that she truly loved and cared for. She knew her partners on a more human level than she did Cheekbones. I mean, it had been 3 years now knowing Marshaun, 2 1/2 with David, and 7 months with Bri. And while all of their relationships were very different, she had gotten to a place with each of them where their sex was usually either playful or romantic, and always 90% emotional, 10% physical. She liked this, loved it actually, and somehow it just didn’t show up the same in her mind. It needed to be experienced. She needed the look in their eyes when they lost themselves, ooh, or the foreplay teasing that led to giggles that led to sex. She needed the.. that thing they… there was that new move… and with David she always…

In fact, what was David doing right now?

Story by Katherine Elizabeth Jackson (Abstrkt)

*Another one! I’m enjoying writing these! Are we wanting more? Let me know along with your favorite category on Abstrkt Femme. With love, Abstrkt.


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