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My Grandmother Has the Keys: An Ode to A Mississippi Woman

I’ve recently started reaching out more frequently to my grandmother on my father’s side. For the longest time, and because we’re so far from each other, I would reach out occasionally, but not enough to actually build on our relationship. I became preoccupied with my own hustle. Since talking to her though, I’ve realized that what I see as most important, is miniscule in her eyes which have seen much of life. She gives me an experienced perspective on my day-to-day trials and triumphs. Her main advice, “straighten up and fly right” aka, get your shit together. My grandmother is country. She’s Mississippi for real. Her advice, which she shares in abundance and I appreciate it, is usually around my relationship with God, being aware of my surroundings and trusting few, and finding some calm somewhere in my Gemini-tornado life. She’s practical. She’s grounded. She was raised with bare feet to the Earth and eyes forward. She isn’t focused on anything extraneous because what she gives her focus to grows. Her garden, her family, her strength. She cares through action and has provided support for babies, kids, adults. She thinks in abundance and creates in abundance. She’s fiery as hell and her skin is so soft. Her love is undeniable if it is there. She commands respect but not by force. She is just a woman, a creator, a mother and she is the Earth. She is the ground that I grow from. Talking to her reminds me to be here now, and to be proud of who I am. I carry her name, Elizabeth, and so I carry her with me. 


Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, aka Abstrkt, is a Long Beach to Oakland to Atlanta-based writer, creator and manager of the lifestyle and adventure website, Abstrkt Femme. When she is not creating content for her website she is performing as a Afro-cultural dancer, working in the holistic health field as a Reiki Master practitioner, or documenting her life experiences through photography and writing. She uses her experiences as a multifaceted artist and healer to view the lessons of life from many angles, which she then shares on Abstrkt Femme and in her book, Alive In Everything.

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