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I’m Moving to the ATL! And I’m Learning A Lot From My Transition

I’m moving on. In one month I will be headed to Atlanta. Today my housemate moved out and I realized that I don’t have them to make chai in the morning for me anymore! I can’t go back to Starbucks chai.

This transition preparation time is one that has been overwhelming for me. A lot of me wants to continue to move and act and carry on as if I don’t have only a month left in Oakland, but I only have the energy to finish my planning and prepping for my next stage. Today I received some great advice from one of my best friends, Imani Ma’at, during a moment of feeling stagnant. She said, “you are moving forward. Imagine if you really were stagnant.” Right. Moments of rest and receiving are not the sameness as actual stagnation. There is still movement, but not all under my control. These times of transition remind me of the strength and magick in setting intention and letting go. All that I’ve set forth is on the way. Everyone I love is still here with me in my heart. All will be more than okay, it will be exactly what I’ve asked for.

ATL, I’m on the way. And I’m prepared for

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