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A Letter to My Lovers, to My Self, to My Friends, to Strangers

I am  not just one kind of person. I am so many people in one body. I am people from the past, I am people from the future. I am gods and I am an animal. Sorry in advance for our roller coaster, because once we’re going there’s no stopping and no saying sorry then. I am hopeful and I am drowning. Sometimes I need reassurance. Most of the time i’m saying “fuck comfort”. There is no one to blame for my greatness. I can’t even blame you, and I just might. Music brings me back to my senses and then I go live life and I might lose myself again. I regret nothing. I’m keeping “one day” in my mind as I chop through branches and vines and get my shoes dirty. Today, however, I am lost in the sauce because I needed to be. Show me who you are, all the sides and symptoms. We might not be able to articulate it but I want to see it, feel it. I have enough love to last me until next wash day. I will use my love til the last drop. Test my time and patience. Test my time and patience. Test my time and pa t ie n c e.

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