What the New Moon in Taurus Means For Us

Taurus is commonly misconstrued as a hard-headed masculine force. Taurus is a feminine sign of responsibility, of focus and intention, and of stability of the home, wherever the home may be. On the new moon, Taurus brings us a new focus on planning and of long-term creation and cultivation. This is a balance to the previous Aries energy of impulse and action. Taurus wants us to really think about what we want, need, and how we are going to get there. But keep in mind… stress and worry is not a productive form of planning. Journaling, creating spreadsheets for financial planning, creating Google docs to plan my next big moves, talking out ideas with myself, my friends and my therapist has been helpful for me, and might be for you too. Whatever your work ethic, keep it tight with minimal loose ends. When Gemini hits we will be thankful to have a plan to hold on to.


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