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Today’s Tarot: Ancestors from the New Orleans Voodoo Deck

The ancestors are with us, in us, around us always. The presence of those who came before us is in all that we touch, all that we breathe. When we show respect to ourselves, to the greatness of life, we also show respect to our ancestors, and vice versa. All is connected, and when we start to dive deep into our history, our heritage and our culture, we see this. And while I have recent ancestors specific to my bloodline, there is an ultimate connection between us all. We are all connected by energy and by our ancestors, no matter how long ago they once walked in human form. This knowing allows me to find respect for you as well, as someone now walking for our ancestors just as I do. This is also the foundation of self-love, because it is the foundation of self. I am not new, even with my idiosyncrasies, and I am not alone, even though I see the world from my eyes and perhaps not yours.

Some lessons I carry with me from my elders and ancestors:

From my grandmother, “straighten up and fly right.”

From my ancestors, “listen, learn, and live.”

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