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I’m Sexually Liberated, So Should I Be A Webcam Model?

My sexual side is something I had long denied and it hurt me to do so. I’ve had sexual feelings toward myself and others for a long time. I mean… it’s natural, but for awhile it seemed taboo. Dirty. The stigmas on sexuality were taught to me and affected the way that I maneuvered. My guard was up, especially among those I felt like I might become vulnerable with. It seemed that vulnerability meant giving up a piece of me.

Now I can see these teachings as untrue and harmful, but I only learned this by doing the work I needed to do to start loosening my grip on the idea of “purity”.

My sexuality is a piece of me, not something to be hidden, put away or used against me. All of me is mine to use. All of me is mine to accept or deny. And as I sit here in one of the most sexually liberating phases of my life so far, I am also considering becoming a webcam model. Once again, something burned into me as wrong, and yet, it’s something I want to do. It makes me take a deep breath when I realize that what I do with my body is mine to decide. It’s a responsibility and a freedom.

So… is moving into this work a breaking down of stigmas i’ve grown up with? Or a step too far past my very real boundary line? I won’t know until I find out.

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