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Energy is Persuasive

The strongest energy is what will absorb you. External energy can interact with yours, and if a positive energy matches with a positive, you get joy, love, creativity.. if a positive matches with a negative, you get sadness, anger.. if opposite energy matches with each other, you have choice.


Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, aka Abstrkt, is a Long Beach to Oakland to Atlanta-based writer, creator and manager of the lifestyle and adventure website, Abstrkt Femme. When she is not creating content for her website she is performing as a Afro-cultural dancer, working in the holistic health field as a Reiki Master practitioner, or documenting her life experiences through photography and writing. She uses her experiences as a multifaceted artist and healer to view the lessons of life from many angles, which she then shares on Abstrkt Femme and in her book, Alive In Everything.

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