What the Full Moon in Libra Means for Us

Libra is the balance between the analytical and sensual Virgo and the dark and enticing Scorpio. The energy of Libra brings an appreciation of raw beauty, a need for active contemplation, and a charm that comes from their confidence in their ability to find all the answers they are constantly seeking. On the flip, Libra can also bring an energy of confusion, stagnancy, vanity, and manipulation. How Libra affects you is up to you.

On the full moon our energy is at its highest naturally. The energy of Libra plays with the energy you bring and creates a new force that may affect you sexually, emotionally, mentally, physically. This can last for days after. A full moon in Libra brings an increase in our contemplation, appreciation and need for discernment. Find this appearing in your relationships with yourself, others and the world. It might bring a new acceptance, a new relationship, a new opportunity, and only you will know if this is meant for you or not.


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