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Today’s Tarot: Oludumare from the New Orleans Voodoo Deck

Oludumare is the Creator. The Creator even for those who turn their back on him, even for those who attempt to ignore him in all, even for those lost in the material world. Throughout our journeys he is there as the witness, observing without intruding, allowing us our freedom of choice. That does not mean Oludumare is without feeling while witnessing. If we are created in his image then we know that what we feel is real and natural, and that even a god can feel. When we are joyous, he is joyous. While we feel pain, he feels pain. And in his pain, he creates peace. He creates balance.

This card speaks on the highs and lows of material life. Wealth or poverty. It asks us to find the peace, or Obatala, in these extremes. It asks us to tap into our Olodumare, who creates in his pain and in his joy, that which benefit all involved.

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