OWN Your Uniqueness! With Love, Abstrkt

Everyone has their own truth. Their own wants. Likes and dislikes. There is no one who can decide these for you. It’s all up to you. The only way to get to know these pieces of you is through taking time. Like we would treat a relationship with another, this is key to the way we view our relationship with ourselves. If there is a lack of communication in your relationships with others, this is a projection of the lack of self-knowing. However if there is lots of support, without needing anything from the other besides respect and love, this shows your relationship with your boundaries and self-care.

No one can de-validate your life without your permission. Don’t give them permission. What’s real for you is real. And the golden rule is just that it is not to harm others or yourself. What we’re starting to find out now in the 21st century is that everyone is different and the same. Different needs, different bodies, different lives, different ways to love and differentiate preferences, but we’re all here existing together. Getting to know yourself is key to beginning to understand others, but there is no way to know someone better than they know themselves. However our actions do tell a lot. Watch them.


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