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What 37 hrs. Fasting (No Solids, No Liquids, No NADA) Can Do For You

I’m off 37 hrs. currently with no food, no liquids, just breath. I don’t feel any hunger pains, no dehydration, no fatigue. In fact, whenever I do this fast (my longest was 48 hrs. which i’m trying to surpass this time) I feel awake and clear. I like to use this time to read, meditate and journal because of the clarity that fasting gives me.

At least 24 hrs. no liquids or solids allows your body to fully digest- with all of the eating that we do, especially in the States, we don’t give our bodies enough time to finish our food before taking in more. Having nothing in the body also means that all of our energy is being focused on whatever we’re doing, instead of being focused on the process of digesting.

Yesterday, as I was experiencing the first 24 hrs. of my fast, a lot of insecurities came up for me. My mind was bringing up everything I was trying to push down. That’s the healing process. I quickly acknowledged my thoughts, then moved past them. I spent time meditating, cleaning, updating my ios. I wanted to have everything fresh and up-to-date, just as my fast is doing to my mind and body. Most people think this fast is too intense for them! But if you have 24 hrs. to chill, it won’t be a problem. And if you can make it past 24, see how far you can go. Your body will let you know when it’s done fasting, so listen to it, and until then, may the stillness upgrade you (no Beyonce).

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