Abstrkt Femme

The Guide for the Gifted and Fearless

Month: March 2019

God, Queen, Creator.

i am God. i am Woman. i am Creator. the godself in me recognizes my power, my blessings, the ability to destroy/create. i live in this truth daily. truth and justice are my morals. i am unshakeable, immovable, adaptable, protected,…

In Company

an eye in the sky is the eye of the rock and it looks on me to remind my senses that i am never alone and that i am joined by the limitless presence of life as energy/company. abstrkt what…

Mental Risks

With all I’ve been taught, and all I’ve learned, which mind isn’t mine to trust?   it’s an “open during construction” kind of thing.   my mind is mine to use, to destroy and to create. i have choice over…


Life is like a trampoline. I’m two feet grounded about to Make a move. When I decide, I’m flying. I land, about to make a move. When I decide, I’m flying. abstrkt

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