Masking Comfort

the presence of which i deny myself in the name of produc- tivity and respons- ibility. i can’t mask comfort with independence. nothing else could take it away so eas- ily. k.e.j.


something so special to me. takes my thoughts and breath away. warms me up and smooths my skin. rough edges rounded, curves accentuated. pieces of me shining in new ways, none in compe- tition. toes hopeful and thighs spotlighted, neck embraced and knees tindr. k.e.j.


I just published my first body of writing, Alive In Everything! It’s filled with inspirational prose poetry such as, “collective success is more potent than temporary individual gain”, along with visual art and nature photography- all things I include on this blog site. SO AWESOME to start my new year with my first book in…

With Love At The Core

Pink part. The sweetness of which is Stunning. It’s a Need and a challenger. Something greater than I That came looking for me. I Won’t miss my chance to explore When I’ve already set out this far. You’re asking something of me I Haven’t asked myself yet. k.e.j.