i’m that underground beat of the drum. i’m that silent knowing. k.e.j. RAWRighteous.com Advertisements

The Word (Excerpt)

everything is light and everything is vibrations. i only exist when light and vibrations come together. k.e.j. RAWRighteous.com/inspiration

Whole-istic (Excerpt)

there is no missing piece for me. i have no holes to fill. k.e.j. RAWRighteous.com/inspiration

Give Light

what i give attention to i give light to. k.e.j. RAWRighteous.com/inspiration


Everything possible must coincide with Universal Law. Even Individualism coincides with Universal Law. Separation is an illusion, but we are all unique in the way we express the Collective Conscious. -k.e.j. RAWRighteous.com/Inspiration