Name Your World

all of it is for me: my goals my destinations my fantasies my body my sunlight. yes, my sunlight is here for me. Advertisements

The Day

there is no one day, there is today, when you receive the message that you’re here for now. -k.e.j.

My Life and Me

what would my life be without me? i do not yet want to know.


open me and tell me what’s inside of here. i want your outsider’s perspective. sometimes i crave omniscience.

I’m Glowing Again

glowing like the hue of my “Summer Sun” nail polish, i prepare for another day with enchantments and hair-spiration. sometimes i’m realistic, sometimes i escape the innumerable sets of metaphorical weight-lifting with dreams of glamour in a location-less utopia. my body feels heavy. my heart beats slow. my breath got lost along the way.

My Plants and I

my plants and i were dying and now we glow towards the sun.

Nude Crayons

my nails are colored. my lips are colored. my hair is colored. my skin.

Hold Me In

hold me in until i clear your blood like ginger.

Praise Me

praise me for the times when i didn’t know. praise me for all the times i lifted. praise me for all the times i was lifted. praise me for all the times i wasn’t worth it. praise me for that time when i knew i was. praise me when i’m acting. praise me when i’m…


it’s always time for spring cleaning.

Living With My Sound and My Silence

living with my sound and my silence means not judging myself for speaking how i am feeling or in the tone that i am feeling. living with my sound and my silence means without force. it means speaking through energy. it means living. it means getting to know me.