Capricorn Full Moon


Capricorn is a sign of collective responsibility. Not only do Caps take pride in knowing how to manage their own lives, they take it in their own hands to help manage the lives of those around them. This is not because they think they are superior; Capricorns thrive in an orderly world.


During the full moon, we are at the peak of our monthly energetic cycle, with our manifestation powers at its highest. With the Capricorn need for collective achievement influencing us, take this time to connect, grow and build with close friends, communities you’re a part of and/or family. Communicate your visions with them. You will receive better insight into the roles the people in your life play.


The full moon is also a great time to get in touch with yourself on all levels. Utilize Cap’s traits of responsibility to tie up any loose ends in your life. Accept success. Get it together. Achieve your #goals.


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