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Raw Food Smoothie Recipe

“If you’re not eating raw fruits and vegetables, or juicing, you’re not getting all the nutrients you need out of your food.”


  1. Ginger
  2. Pineapple
  3. Apple
  4. Cilantro
  5. Almond Milk (make sure that the milk you are buying is made with either a natural sweetener or cane sugar, not just “Sugar”)
  6. Chia Seeds
  7. Lemon


I usually cut up a whole apple (no core) and make the rest of what I’m using equal to that. Then I pour my almond milk to the top of my raw food ingredients and add the chia seeds. You do not have to let the chia seeds soak because you will be blending them completely.


The blender I use is the NutriBullet, which is great for making smoothies and shakes. I blend my ingredients on “High” and stop it once everything has blended together and I no longer see chunks of the raw food or seeds. This makes the pulp, which is where most of the nutrients of the food are, part of the drink, instead of being chunky pieces of the drink I want to take out. Don’t forget to shake up the blender a little to mix up the ingredients that the blades might have missed!

Once everything is blended and smoothie-like, you’re good to go. The flavor of this drink is sweet with hints of !!! from the ginger and cilantro.


Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, aka Abstrkt, is a Long Beach to Oakland to Atlanta-based writer, creator and manager of the lifestyle and adventure website, Abstrkt Femme. When she is not creating content for her website she is performing as a Afro-cultural dancer, working in the holistic health field as a Reiki Master practitioner, or documenting her life experiences through photography and writing. She uses her experiences as a multifaceted artist and healer to view the lessons of life from many angles, which she then shares on Abstrkt Femme and in her book, Alive In Everything.

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