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New Orleans, May 2018

my first trip to New Orleans, may 2018. first trip in my may 2018 travels.


i went to new orleans to lead my meditation workshop, and to break out of my land-lock funk that i feel like i’ve been living in for years. i had expressed feeling landlocked in january to my friend Jess, and that i didn’t know what my first move would be to get out of it! …. girl. a month later i had my ticket to NOLA.

“i didn’t get here without sacrifices.

sacrifice: to make something sacred. had to make this life sacred.

currently in the state of ‘i am’.

proud to say that i’m PROUD. and still ain’t shit. DUALITY… and freedom.

my momma told me ‘everyday you choose to love’ so my daily mantra is



Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, aka Abstrkt, is a Long Beach to Oakland to Atlanta-based writer, creator and manager of the lifestyle and adventure website, Abstrkt Femme. When she is not creating content for her website she is performing as a Afro-cultural dancer, working in the holistic health field as a Reiki Master practitioner, or documenting her life experiences through photography and writing. She uses her experiences as a multifaceted artist and healer to view the lessons of life from many angles, which she then shares on Abstrkt Femme and in her book, Alive In Everything.

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