10 of Cups (Reversed): Delusional & Disillusioned

(4.8.17 18)

sense of self workshop tonight




my purpose

to give


a lot of feeling have been coming up today. i’ve been living in apathy for the past week, so here is the balance. i’m able to face my feelings w/out letting them control me. i’m using them to understand what i really want and to come back into a steady self-care practice.

nourishing food

lots of water




observation w/out judgement

fire breath & meditation

prayer & gratitude

completing projects & tasks instead of letting them pile up.

everything is in place when i take an un-obscured look at my life. a calm and stable view. everything is in place.


i forget again how much i love this. i love being able to assist others in getting to know themselves, i love praying to the creator for an hour, i love healing, i love talking to others about their lives and feelings. the space i hold is a creative and positive space. i set the intention off-bat that there will be no judgement, just love. i love everyone who comes. i love everyone. we’re all so precious. so important. we’re finding our truth one movement at a time. finding our protection. i hope i was able to help others find their protection tonight. i hope they love themselves as much & i love them. i’m so content right now. i know where we’re headed. forward.

i love you eternally,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson


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