8 of Wands: Listening is the Other Side of Communication

coming back to my neutral face.


like, “girl… i don’t know what to tell you.” chill ass attitude.

was thinking about how when i was in preschool i used to daydream during story-time. i would get yelled at and moved to the front. like, did that ever help anyone? i’m also a talker. i rule with the planet of communication. i look towards the planet of dreams. look at her. not a mess when you put power to thought.

a box. a circle. a fucking triangle. try to put me in one. i did. seems like it might be a fit but i grow quickly. i’m reaching for the sun. have i stopped trying to box the sun? not sure yet. putting this into practice.


i’m enjoying my time at home with my family and by myself. i’m enjoying putting my social down (UPDATE: handling society in a new and more honest/effortless way). i enjoy beating my face and wearing loose clothes and tight ponytails and shaving my head and a my nice booty. things i like. dancing and moving and touching myself and modeling sometimes and art and breathing and resting and cuddling and touching and looking into people’s eyes. things i like.

herbal tonics and tinctures and sunshine and fire and lighting things on fire. things i am.

peace and love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson


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