Queen of Cups: Watch Out For The Inner Self/Sneaky AF

i learned this morning that i don’t enjoy the feelings of drinking liquor. like vodka, henny, tequila, all of it. i like wine. i like honey wine and plum wine and some white wines. liquor make my sinuses and head hurt and makes me feel exhausted and out of control. i’m ready to apply how i feel to my life.


letting go of certain expectations for myself.

what i am not: i am not one thing. i do not exist in one box. i work within a multitude of box energies.

feeling like lavender

soft hues & sickening

only here for the calm

yet i’m so agressive

wanting everyone to know

the peace i feel during

3pm naps in the sun

on warm days exclusively

wanting everyone to know

the community i feel

with my wood floors and


i’m watching them grow

and they’re raising me

a light beam with a mush mind

best for code red scenarios

that i create to experience

a death for life.



peace and love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson


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