9 of Swords: Spring Cleaning My Mind

“try not to make too many mistakes and you’re good.”

– mercury retrograde


there are certain things i just don’t understand about our system of living. there are certain things you have not touched in me and maybe i’m not ready to let you.

i love.

i love myself. i’m never full of her.

i love us and our connection and what you don’t know and the way that i see you.

i love being by myself at night and for most of the day. i love entering our spaces and being the presence that i am and i like receiving the attention. i like paying attention. which is more rare.

i like our hustle and i like supporting you and what you do and i like when i see you there for me.

i love.

i love seeing us succeed and grow. i love seeing our beautiful faces and i love showing the world our beauty.

the world can watch me. taste me. feel me. i’m vulnerable. i’m open. look. mira. i love it. and i come home and sleep; wake up and talk to my plants. decorate my home and body. i pray and self-reiki and drink water and talk shit and think about reading books and dance on the floor naked and scream and masturbate. i love and live.

“i know my worth, don’t play me. you know my worth, don’t game me.”

peace and love,

katherine elizabeth jackson


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