6 of Swords (Reversed), Ace of Wands: When You Know Better

i come with fire.

i’m a full phoenix and i’m not ever trying to deny it or be anything else. i’m accepting of my fire ways and they make me productive. it’s not something i would give up if i could and i definitely can’t.

sometimes i get a maturity check. and most times i get humbled into remembering that i’m young. a young adult. still young. i can’t force maturity, wisdom comes with time and still what do we know? who am i really?

the word is multitudes.

our multitudes of self are beautiful and abundant. of what we appreciate and what we overlook and catch us off-game. i am my fire. and we are all the elements: air, earth, fire, water and ether. look at us. look at this lavender tea i’m drinking. look at my angst. all pretty cool and all balance me.


from my connection to the

core, i glow.

a light and heat known after

by life and the creation of.

trust in the Earth’s heat

and arms of destruction,

transformation from know-nothin’

to know-less and the freedom of.

come to king.



  • i am accepting of my truths
  • i speak my truths
  • i love
  • i live my truths
  • i do compete or compare
  • i accept peace
  • i accept blessings
  • i accept time


i am moving past my expectations and living my best life right now. i am able to be successful. i no longer allow myself to hold myself back. i am the multitudes of i and gracefully. like wind i flow and falter and storm and flow again. i love.

peace and fire,

katherine elizabeth jackson


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