Ace of Wand (Reversed), Wheel of Fortune (Reversed): Lay Down and Let Your Blessings Do For You


Air sign. Today I was told that i’m the type of person to take an idea and go- no thought, no planning. Can’t really argue with that point. All I might add is “shut up, you don’t know me”, but that’s just my ridiculous shining through me.

Staying busy is important to me. This can be problematic. Filling up my time with projects, activities and transformations give me less time for silence, me time and meditation. One of my goals right now is to meditate at least once every day. I didn’t set a time, just once every day I sit and clear my mind. Listen to silence. I even set up a space a space in the corner of my bedroom for meditation. My bambara throw as my mat, my Cali-native Aloe Vera and the other one for air, energy and ambiance. Look at my perfectionism. She’s cute.


I would definitely say that I’ve been successful at this lol. Not in the way I thought I would. When I go to sleep I play 432hz music to release fear and anxiety. I do this when I wake up too.

Fun Fact: The first 30 min. as we fall asleep and as we wake up we are in a natural hypnosis. Great time for re-programming.

I also have been taking moments out of my day to focus on my breath. And that mat in the corner of my room looks nice.


I received some great advice today:

You can’t pray about something and stress about it.

True. Counterproductive.

So I have some things to admit to myself for my peace..

I am worthy of my own time.

I do a lot for the care of my people, my loved ones, my community.

What ever my heart truly wants becomes successful.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooh shit. It’s true. Look at God.


I’m ready to stop feeling guilty about my 4 hr naps.

And I’m ready to buy some new clothes. Let’s go. I’m worth it.


Goodmorning, goodnight,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson


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