An Excavated Cave

An excavated cave of

Once and still precious

Treasures. A  tradition

Turned mystery,

A solution now a wonder of the world.


“She’s staring again.”

Still not comfortable with what

Has changed and they

Nicknamed her the


“She’s staring again.”

Visions more real than real

They call themselves real a


For Zirconium.

A feather on an earring in demand

Dyed colors too bright, desperate unlike the

Feather she found on the sand and

Put in her hair. Teasing.

When she stares she becomes..

The answer again.

A memory of


A memory of what it once was. Yes,

She’s new and reminiscent

Of what they believed could never be real.

Like an accidental imprint of arrowheads in the dirt.

-Katherine Elizabeth Jackson


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