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Ace of Wands (Reversed): What Happens When You Surrender

When all of your spirit is taken from your body, it is taken to the most high plane of existence and transformed. Eventually it is given back to you. Well y’all, my body hurts, i’m hurt, and my spirit has just been taken to be transformed. This week has been the end and the start, shaking me out of comfort again, and even though I am EXHAUSTED… I feel so much stronger than the last time. That’s a blessing.

Today, after my West African drum class in Los Angeles, a man who had been watching me play came up to me and spit some Caribbean bars while I played Sinte (a West  African harvest rhythm). He told me,

“You are celestially musically inclined. Keep doing your work.”

Thanks sir, I receive it.

Mental Note: Going through the changes that i’m going through now reminds me of the changes I was experiencing last January, and how gratefuuuuuuullllllllll I am to not be in that place now.

As much as I want evolution to be a steady, simple, painlessly humbling constant experience, it really really really is not. And all I can say is shit, let’s go, and thank God for my Gemini adaptability.

And for the new opportunities for our definitions of success we’re going to be receiving.


Being without control is equal to true authenticity.

When I am humbled and held in a new dimension,

Only pride is destroyed.
And if I never found myself, I would be too.


I’d like to say something… about one day…

But, at least for me, everyday is that day.

So if today I feel like shit

Then one day I felt like shit.

But if tomorrow the sun wakes me up instead of my alarm

Then one day I woke up…

The day I felt like shit is the day I woke up.

But i’m looking forward to the sunrise.


Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson


Katherine Elizabeth Jackson, aka Abstrkt, is a Long Beach to Oakland to Atlanta-based writer, creator and manager of the lifestyle and adventure website, Abstrkt Femme. When she is not creating content for her website she is performing as a Afro-cultural dancer, working in the holistic health field as a Reiki Master practitioner, or documenting her life experiences through photography and writing. She uses her experiences as a multifaceted artist and healer to view the lessons of life from many angles, which she then shares on Abstrkt Femme and in her book, Alive In Everything.

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