King of Cups (Reversed): Being Forced To Leave Your Comfort Zone

It’s about time for me to stop being secluded in my feelings and leave the cave. People are starting to want my presence and attention. Fine.

As an independently raised only child, an artist, an observer and generally-just-over-your-shit type of woman, it is extremely easy for me to be at home eating, creating things, listening to podcasts and ignoring the world for literally months at a time. I’m definitely the one to disappear when coupled up, but the partner i’m spending all my time with is myself. For pretty much all of Fall and Winter of 2017, I’ve been doing exactly that, (plus actually in a relationship with someone else as well lol) working on my Reiki externship at a holistic healing studio, spending days and nights working on my branding and marketing my company with babe, and pampering myself at home like it’s a 24-hour spa. I’M NOT SAYING THIS IS AN ISSUE!!! But I am starting to feel the pile up of Instagram, Facebook and text messages, and I’m having dreams of my neglected friends and community members. I also am starting to find going out to things interesting again, so I’m going to take the energy I have while I have it and show the world my gorgeous, don’t-take-no-shit, bright ass face. So, my feels and chaotic, intellectual mind can go take a nap, because I think I have some things I need to do out here, and my hibernation has prepared me for it.

Peace and Love,

Katherine Elizabeth Jackson



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  2. Sean So Chill says:

    Looking forward to reading more.

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  3. Jess says:

    Love your honesty and authenticity beautiful beautiful soul keep sharing your light

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