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Month: January 2018

23 Jan, 2018

Surrendering Ego For Collective Benefit

4 of Wands (Reversed); 9 of Pentacles (Reversed); 5 of Swords (Reversed) AKA, Excess pride

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20 Jan, 2018

The Hermit (Reversed); Strength (Reversed): PSA! Being The Love You Need To Be Free

The balance of life includes moments of pure joy, some moments of peace, epiphanies and

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18 Jan, 2018

7 of Swords (Reversed); 4 of Pentacles: Being Open to Receiving Unconditionally

Something that is sometimes looked at as selfish or inconsiderate is the act of receiving.

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17 Jan, 2018

The Fool; Knight of Wands: Bearing the Responsibility of Being the Co-Creator of a Free World AKA For the Youth

“The youth are our future” is not a metaphor. Last week, I found myself at

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15 Jan, 2018

9 of Cups (Reversed); The Lovers: On Romantic Relationships As A Young Woman

I'm finding now that what makes me most at ease in a relationship with someone(s)

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13 Jan, 2018

King of Cups: The Hot Water Does Self Work

[gallery ids="157,158,163,159" type="rectangular"] A poem about passion being confused as anger... Living close to the

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12 Jan, 2018

Queen of Swords: Sitting With Self/I Am The Love I’ve Been Looking For

A story of a weight being carried in my search for beauty. A story of

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11 Jan, 2018

10 of Wands (Reversed): When Progression Happens Naturally AKA Passive Transport

[gallery ids="142,145" type="rectangular"] "Don't try just do." My mantra whenever I feel self-doubt creeping into

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10 Jan, 2018

10 of Cups: Placing Peace

On the card is a picture of a happy family enjoying a rainbow reaching over

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9 Jan, 2018

9 of Cups (Reversed): Emotions and You

Separating yourself from emotional chaos in order to get shit done. So first, let me

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8 Jan, 2018

Ace of Wands (Reversed): What Happens When You Surrender

When all of your spirit is taken from your body, it is taken to the

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7 Jan, 2018

King of Pentacles (Reversed): No Longer Needing Worldly Validation

Tonight I looked in the mirror of a bathroom at a cafe and pledged my

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